brimstoneJune 8, 2015

Supernatural Heroes, Ep. 65 – Entrepreneur, actor, pro wrestler, comic book hero Brimstone joins us to talk about his Brimstone and the Borderhounds comic series as well as the many other ventures and adventures he’s taken part in over his career.






May 31, 2015

Liar In The Sky, Ep. 64 – Suzanne Maher, activist and creator of the popular Facebook group Bye Bye Blue Sky joins us to talk about chemtrails and how the government is lying to and experimenting on its own population.





mcclellanMay 25, 2015

Prep School, Ep. 63 – Ian McClellan, author and contributor to Zombie Guide Magazine joins us to talk all things walking dead and how to prepare for a zombie apocolypse








michelle May 11, 2015

Bloody Good, Ep. 61 – Michelle Navarette joins us to discuss her life as a “modern vampire” and her obsession with drinking human and animal blood.







stanApril 13, 2015

The Wrap of Con, Ep. 57 – Stan Konopka, owner/operator of Nemesis Studios stops by to discuss the world of paranormal comics and his own personal experiences of high strangeness.









March index2, 2015 -Witchy Woman, Ep. 51

April 28, 2015

Decoding The Afterlife, Ep. 59 – Rachel Hoffman, lead investigator and forensic specialist for Paranormal Xpeditions joins us to talk about her attempt to prove ghosts and spirits carry DNA markers that can be traced back to living tissue.



February 23, 2015

tilneyTrial By Liars?, Ep. 50 – Stacy Tilney, Director of Communications for the Salem (MA) Witch Museum joins us to talk about the causes and results of Salem witch trials of 1692.












tangoFebruary 16, 2015

The Stare Case, Ep. 49 – Bruce Tango, highly decorated retired police officer and member of the Ghost Hunters stops by to talk about his movie “The Staring Man” about an entity that harassed him as a young child.


February 2, 2015

G-Man and the Underdogs, Ep. 47 – Ben Hansen, former FBI agent and lead investigator on Syfy Channel’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” joins us to talk about the show and his dealings in the field of the paranormal.







November 24, 2014


School Spirits, Ep. 40 – Justin Leach, President of RCGC Ghost Chasers talks about  his experiences putting together a ghost hunting team at Rowan College at Gloucester County and recounts some of his team’s most interesting investigations.









November 17, 2014

Stranger Than Fiction, Ep. 39 – Robert Schneck, contributor to Fate Magazine, Fortean Times and author of The President’s Vampire and Mrs.Wakeman vs the Antichrist comes on board to recount true tales from the bizarre side of life in America including specters haunting a town near Baltimore, crazy 19th century prophets, an inexplicable wave of self beheadings and much more!




jean durkinNovember 10, 2014

Double Visions, Ep. 38 – Jean Durkin and her daughter Haley Cook stopped by the studios to talk about life as a mother & daughter who both have the gift of mediumship. While Jean focuses mainly on internal visions and insight, Haley’s specialty is more along the lines of being a visual medium. Later in the show both team up to give an on-air reading to Paradelphia contest winner, Lindsay Cline.




mcfaddenNovember 3, 2014

Enlightening Conversations, Ep. 37 – Author Charles McFadden talks about Conversations with a Light Being: A Guide to Being Peaceful on a Confused Planet, a book he wrote with his wife Danijela Kracun about interactions they have had with Red & Krill, inter-dimensional beings who answer some of life’s most important questions and give a sort of blueprint to how things really work out there in the multiverse.



October 21, 2014

S & D, Yea You Know Me!!, Ep. 36 – Sara Lowell, Dawn Gibson & Julian Carroll from S & D Paranormal Society stop by to talk about their adventures ghost hunting, some of the most interesting locations and evidence they’ve encountered and how Julian might just be the plaything of an entity in his own house.





marioDecember 15, 2014 -Getcha Popcorn Ready, Ep. 42

August 21, 2014

Super Mario, Ep. 30 – Mario Cerrito, local film maker and native of Audobon, NJ talks about his experiences writing, directing and producing independent films here in the Delaware Valley including his most recent work just picked up for distribution called “Deadly Gamble” and his upcoming horror flick titled “The Fortunate Ones”




October 14, 2014 -Jay’s Crew, Ep. 35

July 18, 2014

Jay Talking, Ep. 26 – Jay Wasley, talks about his adventures as head audio tech for the hit show Ghost Adventures                                                             and his production company Sun House Films



April 6, 2015 -Animal Magnetism, Ep. 56

June 27, 2014

Animal Tales, Ep. 24 – Sharon O’Brien, animal psychic/communicator talks about how everyone has the ability to communicate with their pets.






June 6, 2014

Jerks vs The Flying Saucers, Ep. 21 – Chris Augustin, owner and operator of Aliens – The Truth website and self described abductee stops by to talk about recent South Jersey UFO sightings, the lack of government response to those reports and his personal experience with an unexplained entity. Chris is joined in this episode by Nick Abrams of Toxic Networks wildly popular gaming podcast Joystick Jerks who talks about his own sightings that amazingly coincide with those of our guest.




March 9, 2015 -#PastLivesMatter, Ep. 52

May 30, 2014 -YOLO? Not So, Ep. 20

January 11, 2014

More Than One Life to Live, Ep. 4 – Michele Granberg, Director of the Center for Relaxation and Healing in Plainsboro (NJ) talks about past lives and life between lives.




March 13, 2014

World of Lovecraft, Ep. 12 – Mike Davis, Editor In Chief of The Lovecraft Ezine talks about the works of the godfather of modern horror fiction H.P. Lovecraft and how modern writers have expanded on the Cthulu Mythos.






March 7, 2014

Medium Rare, Ep. 11 – Rhonda Berry, medium, psychic and reiki master talks about how her ability to see with her “third eye” has helped with everything from solving crimes to assisting paranormal investigations.






February 28, 2014

Souls Man, Ep. 10 – Jonathan Johnson, founder of West Virginia Paranormal Investigations talks about his group’s experiences investigating some of the most famously haunted locations in the country and to promote their YouTube production called The Abandoned Souls Paranormal Project.





February 21, 2014

Ghost Writer, Ep. 9 – Joanne Emmons, founder of Paranormal Consulting and Investigations of New Jersey and author of “I Think My House Is Haunted”, a guidebook to dealing with the paranormal talks about her adventures with the PCINJ team including investigating a case that was featured on the premier episode of “When Ghosts Attack” on Destination America Channel.




February 7, 2014

The Devil Inside?, Ep. 7 – Bill Sprouse, author of The Domestic Life of the Jersey Devil, or BeBops Miscellany talks about growing up near the Pine Barrens surrounded by tales of the Jersey Devil and the one in particular that states that he is a direct descendant of the creature itself!!





October 15, 2013

J.U.M.P.S. Around, Ep. 3 – Doug Hogate, Jr and Melissa Dark from Jersey Unique Mind Paranormal Society stop by to talk about their experiences ghost hunting in and around the South Jersey/Philly area. J.U.M.P.S. team members have since become “goto guests” for the show and are currently collaborating with Paradelphia on various projects but this is our first meeting with the group and it took place in the early, pre-Toxic Network days of the podcast.